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10 Ultimate Recipees To Be A Successful Geologist – Part 1


…. and these ten advices ultimately came not from me! Since: 1) I’m not yet a full-time geologist 2) I’m not yet successful in this term.

So, who is the chef of the recipees?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you one of the most distinguished man on Earth that has entered my life. His name is Mr. Didit. He is a lecturer of Paleontology (the study of fossils) in my departement. He is just soooo inspiring that on the first 5 minutes of his lecture, I am ultimately sure that he is one of my most favorite Guru I’ve ever heard! Really, Mr. Didit enter the class not only to transfer some knowledges, but also some story from an experienced international Paleontologist. He tell us, in the first place, of how to guide ourselves for the next 3 years (hopefully) in studying at Geological Engineering, so that once we “hatched”, we become a successful graduate.

So how to be a successful geologist, according to Mr. Didit?

1. Masterity on the Basics of Geology

Studying is important. Yeah, it is still important. What is your foremost quality as a geologist? It is your ability to solve geological problems. So, come to class not only for grades, but for knowledges. After all, there is no use of a shiny 3-point GPA if it does not reflect what’s inside your head!

2. Fluency in English as well as native language. Love reading very much.

The reasoning is simple: today, we live in a global world. To conquer this global world, we must speak in the global language. English!

Everytime, everywhere, a geologist has to do presentations, answer questions, discuss matters with collagues, make a deal, all of those things… in English. And it is not about translating; it is about using the language. “Actually,” Mr. Didit said to us last Monday,”the most important thing is that you can speak English. Go to hell with grammar! As long as you have confidence, you can do English.”

That’s it.

Having ability to read English texts is also a must. Every report, every publication, every good geological textbooks comes to you in English. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Computer Literate

This is serious just in his era, Mr. Didit said. This time, almost every student feels empty if his/her bag forget to contain a laptop, so we can assume that you are good already in using computer. Well, are YOU?

4. Able to communicate freely and express his/her views in written as well as in oral forms

To sum up, this point tell you that : a) you must have confidence to speak up, and b) you must have confidence to write down.

To reach point a), you can attend seminars and workshops that contain discussion section and let yourself speak up there, or you can join an organization (AAPG is a good one, in fact I am a member :D) and train your speaking-up skill.

To reach point b), you can try to do a research and send it to a journal. You can contribute a mass media, start with the local ones. As for myself, I have a simple yet effective way to train my writing, and you are reading it right now 🙂

5. Easy going yet self-disciplined, honest, hold on ethics, work smartly, and love fieldwork.

“Geological world isn’t vast,” he said, “if you go to an international seminar, you will meet those same faces again and again.”

What does that imply? If you are to be found as a dishonest person, corruptable, lazy, self-interest centered, you’re dead. No one will hire you anymore, as everybody have known your bad attitude. So, respect yourself and your dignity!

For the last point, love fieldwork, he said that he sees a decline in fighting spirit of recent graduates. Fieldwork is hard, but it is the real world and the real work! So, be careful with convenient-indirect-data pitfall. You must love visiting the real thing.


There are five other amazing and super-useful advices, and going down the importance is increasing dramatically.

So, do you want to be a sucessful geologist?




IF YOU REALLY ARE, don’t miss a thing in the next Saushine article! 🙂

How to Get 600+ TOEFL Score!

Some of my friends often ask of how on Earth I could get 600+ TOEFL Score in university entrance test. Some even asked me to create a language course like EF or ILP but private for them! Well, since I don’t have many free time in this super-busy 2nd semester, so let the share in Saushine begins 🙂

Born language learner

First of all, you must know that I am not born with 600+  TOEFL Score. Okay, let’s admit that there are some individuals who shows an exceptionally high capacity of learning languages. And I admit that I am one of them. It is because merely that language-learning takes place in the right part of the brain. Since I am left-hander, this right part of the brain dominates my head.

Wait, a lefthander has a domination of right brain … isn’t it a paradox? Well, that’s the beautiful balance of God! Photobucket

BUT! Even though you’re not a left-hander, doesn’t mean you can’t get 600+ TOEFL Score! It only helps a little bit. The only thing matter is that whether you have a strong will to learn or not! Prove: my TOEFL mentor is a normal right-handed and he has better English than me. So don’t worry!

By The way, what is TOEFL?

And now, you must know what TOEFL test is like. If you think the test consists of three parts: reading, structure and grammar, and listening .. baby, that’s the old test. Waaaay old. The most modern and most acceptable TOEFL test across the world is the TOEFLIBT: TOEFL Internet-Based Test.

By the way, TOEFL is an abreviation of Test of English as Foreign Language

This IBT TOEFL consists of four part: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

WRITING and SPEAKING??? Photobucket


Now let me explain one by one. Oh yeah, by the way (again), I have taken this TOEFL IBT, so now you read an experience from a test-doer.

–        Reading

Here you read some passages and answer the question about it. The passages are usually of scientific theme. You may view the passages anytime, but you have a limited time.

–        Listening

You will hear some dialogues that is taken place in university environment. Then you have to answer some questions about it, in multiple choices. Another part of listening let you read a university lecture, then answers questions of what you have heard.

–        Speaking

The first part are questions like “what is your hobby” “what would be the best for you, studying of being active in community”, such a thing, which you have to answer orally. Then, you will hear either a dialogue or a passage or a lecture, and after that you must answer the questions followed. You have 1 min – 3 min to think and draft, and about 1 min to speak.

–        Writing

In the beginning, you will read a passage followed by a lecture that talks about the passage. Then, in 20 minutes, you have to write a 100-word essay about the passage and the lecture. Finally, you will be given a topic that have to be written in 300-word essay, in 30 minutes.

All of the section worths 30 points each, so the maximum score of TOEFL IBT is 120.

So! What are the Tips?

Finally, here are some advice I can give you to succeed on this kind of test.


Tip#1.reading: Read English a lot, a lot, and A LOT!

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no better advice than this:

to succeed in reading section, you must read.

Reading section is not only whether you can understand a passage or not; it is also about time. You have to read in English quickly, in just one time, and understand the whole point. How to do that? You must be familiar in reading English material. It can be done in the easiest ways:

–        When you want to read comic books, read the English version over the internet.

–        When you go to your campus/school library to lend textbooks, take the English ones.

–        When you browse on the Internet for school/university thing, use English websites.

–        When you read instruction manual of electronic devices or in your newest facial foam, read the English instructions!

And the best way is:

–        Visit! It is cool, funny, informative, and in English! Photobucket

Yeah, I know, it will be hard for you in the beginning. When I was in senior high school, I started to force myself to do the lists above, too. “Do you want to master English or not?”, said I to myself, “If you do, DO IT NOW!” so there I went. But, of course, it is just waaaay more convenient to read easily Wikipedia Indonesia than Wikipedia English; you have to deliver full energy, full concentration!

But, trust me, your hard work will be paid with 600+ TOEFL Score!

Tip#2.reading: Skip grammar, skip difficult word. Just read.

When you read English materials, do it for the real purpose. What I mean is, if you read a comic in English, just read it to entertain yourself. Don’t mention something like this,

”I read this Naruto comic to learn the English of it”. Photobucket

Altough it is true that you read because you want to learn, just don’t BURDEN yourself with it! The main purpose to read comic is for fun, so instead of the previous, just say,

“ I read this Naruto comic because it’s really cool and I want to know what’s next! Anyway, in additional, reading English Naruto will help my English, so here I go!”

That’s better; you will have no pressure.

While reading, skip grammar. You don’t know what Gerund and Infinitive is, yet it is not the most important thing. Just make it contextual. In the same fashion, skip difficult words. If you stumble upon words like “canine” “pulchritude” “another what-the-hell words”, just guess what it means for the context. You know what? In TOEFL IBT, the passage will hyperlink difficult words with their meanings, so you don’t have to memorize the whole Oxford dictionary! And in real life, the main goal in reading is to understand the point presented in the tex, nothing else! So when you understand, you succeed reading.

Tip#3.reading and the rest of the post... will soon be available in Saushine. Don’t miss a thing! 🙂

Hello Words!

This is not my first post.

I did have a few blogs before. Two of them are personal; one other is being treated as a learning website. You know what are they? If you’re a fan of me(don’t be shy, I know you do, because if you’re not why should you bother clicking a lame blogspot URL on your Facebook NewsFeed, if it is not because it’s mine? hohohoho Photobucket ), sure you’re having those three URLS swirling inside your head now.

Well, since most of you some of you is not (yet) my fans, I’ll open the cards.

Sorry of me showing too high confidence today, it’s just a morning omelet that boost my mood up Photobucket


Okay, my first blog ever was named, if I’m not mistaken, was s*****! Hahahaha.

That blog was a bit typical of what 14-year-old-just-in-the-process-of-growing-up pal would write, but minus boyfriend/girlfriend thing. The reason was simple: I did not have one. Oh yeah, you moron, I am normal! But that time (the middle school life) I was running after a very smart, beautiful, talented, and mysterious kid in my class that eventually ended up in a big failure. Well, we can always dream high, can’t we? 😀

so, the blog ran for a couple of month before I got too busy (or too lazy) to take care of it.


My second, high-school blog entitled “SauTheTroublemaker” and was on WordPress. I don’t put **** thing to hide it because it had become so famous that most of you would have had a click.

another overconfidence of 7th feb 2011, sigh… Photobucket

I wrote for it in my 2nd year of high school. That time was amazing; a 6-month absence of school life for a quarantine camp for Geoscience Olympiad pursue. Really, dare to say, it was one of the most amazing times in my life. Can you believe it? When most of high-schoolers are confined to these large square building for at least 7 hours of his/her life a day, I am almost FREE of that! Slept in a cool dorm high near one of the most active volcano on earth, learnt these cool things about geoscience in one of the most prestigious university in the country, and got paid for that!


That time, also, I found again my old sense of humour that I eventually left behind since entering high school. So you can see, ladies and gentlemen, how full of laughter you’ll be when reading that blog. HAHAHAHAHA~

so what happened to TheTroubleMaker? Same ol’, too busy! (now for a good reason of having a big competition, taking care of my third blog,  and ran after MIT. yes, that MIT.)


The third, most-taken-care-of-ever blog is actually not a blog. It’s a website of geoscience, called … what is it kids?? Right,

a little screenshot

“Learning Geoscience Becomes Fun!” is the holy tagline. The site came out after I felt so burdened that there was no geoscience website, in Indonesian language, that told a tale about the Earth in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Most of them just copy-paste what’s on university textbooks which was superhard to be munched by mere highschoolers. That time, I was being helped by English geoscience websites which wrote things in a way just my style. So I came up with an idea: why don’t you make Sau-style geoscience website, in Indonesian,  to help all geosciensters across the nation?

Voila! there you go.

thanks God, is still alive till this second. We dig in as a team now 😀

Aaaand so, here is my fourth blog. It’s personal again! Now, I gladly major in field that I love, geological engineering! Yay! thanks God the Almighty T.T …  I want to record the spectular moments that happened during this short university life, so when I become a mother one day, I can tell them:

Me: “Look, honey, it was Mum’s blog when Mum was in the university! Crazy, wasn’t it?”
My kid: “Oh wow yeah it was, Mum. But hey you are crazy still in your present blog…”
Me: “Well, what I can do? It’s just in my blood, kid :D”
My kid: “And now it seems I got your blood too, Mum, hahahaha!”

Sweet, huh? Photobucket

I wonder who’ll play the Dad role …

Anyway, thank you for reading! 🙂

Enjoy the next posts!

P.S: Why this one is in English? To train the english writing ability, that is all!